Eliëns Interiors Eindhoven

Nothing is as personal as your home interior. At Eliëns Interiors we know that like no other. Since 1928 we have helped our clients turn their wishes into a design that is an extension of their identity. Whether it involves a classical interior or a sleek, modern design – our experienced staff know how to convert your wishes and ideas into a stylish and timeless interior. The foundation is a selection of premium brands such as Poltrona, Frau, Flexform, COR, Giorgetti, and many more. These quality brands guarantee many years of enjoyment.

Eliëns Interiors’ decorator is always eager to take on the challenge of surprising clients with magnificent products, new materials and unique colour combinations. A visit to our new store in Eindhoven will give you a first impression of the many possibilities which Eliëns Interiors has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you.


So many people, so many different tastes. Classical, modern, exuberant or modest. At Eliëns Interiors you will find a wide range of furniture for almost every space in your home. From the living room to the dining room and from the bedroom to your workspace. For each space we have wonderful, exclusive furniture made by famous designers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Eliëns Interiors can produce furniture based on your personal preferences. Together with our interior designer, we will make sure that the home interior of your dreams become reality.


The impact of choosing the right curtains is often underestimated. It primarily determines what kind of atmosphere is created in a space and curtains also have a major influence on the level of comfort in a room. In order to create an optimal atmosphere, Eliëns Interiors has an assortment of curtain fabrics designed by the most exclusive brands on earth.

The combination of furniture and curtains establish the foundation of your home interior. A wide range of floor coverings, rugs, window coverings and other upholstery can enrich that foundation and give your interior the style and atmosphere you envisage. Whatever choice you make, our interior architect will ensure that all elements of your home are in perfect harmony.


Nothing is as personal as your home interior. It is a reflection of your personality. We regard it as a challenge to convert your ideas into a home interior that perfectly suits you. That’s what we call the art of personal design, because the ideal alignment of upholstery, furniture, lighting and materials is the work of experienced craftspeople. We make the design of your dreams come true by listening to your wishes and by converting them into the optimal composition which you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.